Muxiang's Picture

My name is Muxiang Liu. I am from south of China.

In 2001, after a college graduation in Art Design, I went to Shenzhen City, which is adjoining Hong Kong. Mr. Niu, Bendong, who is a famous professional photographer and the boss of an advertisement company which had business cooperation with many national well-known corporations such as China Southern Airline, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, gave me the first job opportunity as a graphic designer. While I was working at his advertisement company, I focused on poster and catalog design and photograph editing and digital print. My first accepted design at the company was China Southern Airline 2002 calendar.

In 2003, because of my curiosity and willingness to learn new things, I started my administrative experience in a newly started trading company; at the same time, I designed the catalogs, envelopes, notebooks, and other CI serial pieces for that company. In order to complement demands of the company, I became a sales manager one year later. I developed marketing plans, organized and managed sales promotions, hosted meetings, and lectured to sales teams. Meanwhile, I designed all of the promoting pieces such as many kinds of posters, displays, and products menus, some of them are for many customers, indoor displaying, hanging, and some of them are for outdoor sales promotions.

In Spring of 2007, I moved to the United States. In August, I started studying English as the Second Language in Harper College, and one of my essays was selected for publication in the 2008 edition of The Harper Anthology. In 2008 spring, I took some college courses related to graphic design, and I won the poster and invitation design competition for 2008 Harper College Student Fashion Show in one of my major courses. Meanwhile, I finished eXcel Leadership Program held by Harper College Student Center.