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  • amp marketing

    is a newly founded company that provides services including creative design, web development, e-marketing, advertising, software developing and creative and marketing consultation. It's located in the northwest of Chicago.

  • Email marketing

    helps you increase the public awareness about your brand and call your targeted audience to make an action. It really can drive people to purchase your products.

  • Branding

    helps your business stand out among a big number of competitors with impactful branding concepts and methods. Branding includes name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers.

  • Advertising

    covers a big range of services. It includes email advertising, tv advertising, radio advertising, magazine advertising, newspaper advertising...

  • Print Marketing Kits and Books

    Although print materials are shrinking, it is still an undeniable tool to educate your market and audience, especially for older age groups and traditional business.

  • Web Development

    being inventional is the key to succeed in the market place. With patented inventions as testimonials, AMP Marketing can provide you the unthinkable inventions that reach the demand of your targeted market.

  • Unlisted Services...

    If you like our work or you have an idea, let's talk and let's make some business together.

Social Media Management

Creative Design

creative Design service includes all kinds of visual communication design. It includes identity design, icon design, branding design, marketing collatoral design, web design, email design, advertisement design, publications...

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes news release, social media updates, public relation affairs, event planning and organization, ticket booking....

Social Media Management

Web Development and Management

Web development and Management service includes web wireframe design, layout design, web graphics, landing page design and programming, full site design and programming and development, site maintanance...

Social Media Management

Software Engineering

Software Engineering includes operating system developing for public facility use, such as in the environments hospital, school, large office building, other use of software programs.