CRS logo

crs logo

Center for Risk-based Strategies (CRS) is committed to helping small to medium sized FDA regulated businesses make significant improvement in their operation without compromising compliance using proven tools and methodologies, such as six sigma.

The mark is created with four Rs, as to emphasize the meaning of "risk-based"--part of the company name. The structure is to emphasize the meaning of strategies as a carefully and thoughtfully built structure and the Rs secure each other within the knowledge of the strategies and regulation. The color with the structure creates an effect of morning light which symbolizes rising, hope and value... The symbol as a whole resembles a shape of windmill which generates energy ( benefits for the clients) and symbolizes technology, and the windmill form conveys a sense of movement as well as stability.

CRS Website (In progress)

crs website

After creating the logo, the owner hired me to create a website for the company. This is the landing page of the responsive website that I created for this company. The current images are for placeholding purposes.